top tips

Here are the best recommendations from our work with teaching in Co-Creation!

Prepare for extra activities in case session does not go as planned.

Don’t worry about some participant’s ‘drop off’.

Make sure you adapt the next session on the basis of participant’s feedback.

Keep timing flexible.

Keep participants active on their work and stimulate reflexive thinking.

Make sure to adapt the first session to the context of the participants.

Enjoy yourself! ☺

Use time to explore the participants needs and wishes.

If it goes wrong, use it as a learning experience.

Evolve over day and course. Focus on attendees needs.

Focus on the process and the participants, not on the content.

Establish a safe space for interaction.

A safe space / condition has been seen to encourage participant freedom, resulting in engagement, collaboration relationship and a positive experience.

Establish rules and re-state these (be prepared to collectively adapt, to reach consensus).

Refer back to outcomes of previous activities to draw out learning in new activities.

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