A european project to build skills in health and social care, education and youth.

The Co-Creating Welfare project has developed new curricula, education methods and training courses for professionals in the welfare sector.

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what is co-creation?
the project definition

“Co-creation involves a transdisciplinary team which has to include end users and professionals who have a “formal responsibility” in the process. It is based on shared understanding of a situation, creation of a shared language, dialog, combination and mutualization of skills and interdependence and involves shared negotiation of goals. The underlying objective of the process is to initiate a process of change leading to a new prosperity”.

Six principles of co-creation

1) Co-creation is innovative and aims to create new prosperity in a local context.

2) Co-creation creates new qualities through combinations of different resources and skills.

3) Co-creation is a dialogue-based process, where the different actors define the challenge and the solution together.

4) Co-creation propagates initiative and the right for all to participate.

5) Co-creation creates an understanding of interdependence.

6) Co-creation requires openness and willingness to take risks.

co-creating welfare:
learnings from the project

Co-creators, safe spaces and buy-in from the NHS

Experiences and lessons from the Co-Creating Welfare team at Coventry University.

Talking and doing co-creation

Lessons and advice from the Co-Creating Welfare team at University of Lyon.

Teaching openly and flexibly

Co-Creating Welfare at University College Lillebælt

Schools, hospitals, local government

Experiences with Co-Creating Welfare in Portugal

project partners

COuntry packs

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